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New Music – New Sounds – New Vibes

Emerging Music Radio

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Emerging Music Radio is a free-form internet radio station that puts the

spotlight on new and emerging artists from across the world by showcasing the

hard work and talent of musical artists. This results in the celebration of the

musical artistry of consciousness and

value creation.


Please Read

Hello, independent artist

Emerging Music Radio is open to all genres and all ages. Instructions to submit your music are below.

Songs must be radio-ready (NO DEMOS). We have a production service available to help you prepare your song for radio submission if you have demos. Radio-ready songs, please send song cover art and Mp3 files only (256kbps preferred). M4a or Wav files will not be accepted. Please double-check your song files before submitting them. In order for your song cover art to show correctly when your song plays on our station, make sure your distribution company and iTunes have your song information correct and your song is attached to your correct song cover art. If not correct, your song art will not appear correctly. If your song is unreleased, no art cover will be shown. Also, send your song information as it shows on iTunes. BMI and ASCAP license us to play music available in their catalog. Send your ISWC, ISRC Codes,  your songwriter, and publishing information in order to receive royalties from receiving radio play. Lastly, please follow and like us on all social media accounts at the bottom of this page. We will post your song on our social accounts. Tag us in your social media posts.  

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The Home for Independent Artists

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Get your business advertising in the ears of thousands of buyers  Nationwide by advertising on Emerging Music Radio!



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