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The full list of services offer include:

●  Mobile app-equipped internet radio for independent artists via Emerging Music Radio

●  On-air advertising for businesses via Emerging Music Radio

●  Providing an educational and engaging platform for University and High School students

     to express their diverse voices through music, poetry, story telling, and comedy

●  Providing live music services for casinos, airports, and other transport centers

●  Worldwide music distribution

●  Music industry consultation including publishing, copywriting, and licensing

●  Music production services including mixing, mastering, and sound design/foley

●  Background music services

●  Website development and graphic design for artists and businesses

●  Performance and vendor space for farmers markets, festivals, and community events

●  Article and advertising space online and in print via Emerging Music Magazine

●  Music and merchandise promotion and sales

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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